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Warranty work not honored relating to major auto parts.
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10/8/2010 11:51 AM (PST)

Has there been complaints about warranty work not being honored by Western General when breakdowns occur? I purchased the major extended warranty...the best one.

I now have 4 major items that the warranty has declined to pay for.

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10/11/2010 10:54 AM (PST)


You can click the "View BBB Report" link above to see the company's rating and read about complaints that have been filed against them. It looks like there have been complaints filed for similar instances. Insurance companies in general are known for having specific criteria and exclusions for what is and isn't covered. It really comes does to what you have in writing on the policy.

If the company is not honoring terms they provided to you and you're unable to resolve anything with them directly, then you can file a complaint with the BBB (you can do this directly from their BBB Report).

You can also contact the CA Dept of Insurance for information or to file a complaint:

The Dept of Insurance phone number is 800-927-4357

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11/16/2012 11:10 AM (PST)

Look out for company reputation before you set to go for any kind of trade. Check out all the insurance policies else they will have you in mid of sea without a bladder.

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